Social Media Evaluation

What impression does your social media make?

You’ve probably heard it before, but the reality is true. Many employers will search for their applicant’s social media accounts. What do they find when they look at your accounts? Does it make them reflect more upon offering you an interview or does it move your application to the rejection pile?

Everyone leaves an impression based upon their social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and even Snapchat. Remember that embarrassing post from nine years ago? Maybe you don’t, but an employer might find it.

Through this service, we will perform a social media evaluation on you. What does an employer see that might raise flags or promote you better. We will also provide tips on how to improve your media image. The basic package includes two platforms of your choosing. The premium package includes all the social media platforms as well as a detailed plan on improving your social media image.

For more information on this service, please submit an inquiry through our contact page.