Policy Review

“Policy is the people you work with.” — William Gaskill

Every well defined business is built upon policy. Policy should be attuned to the work of the company as well as the employees. Policy that is borrowed is not always best.

What does your policy say? In reviewing policies, many times businesses are no longer following the designated policy due to changes overtime. Policies are not always in line with current values, and might be in need of revision. If policies are out-dated and no longer being followed, problems arise when the business owner or employee needs to fall-back on the policy.

At WraySol, our team is able to critique and edit current policy as well as provide proposals for new policy. It is always beneficial to have policy to reinforce decisions. Our team is ready to assist in ensuring your policy aligns with the company’s values. Whether it be employee policy, customer service, returns and exchanges, etc. WraySol is here to help. For more information or to request a quote, please contact us.