Interview Preparation

The interview. A time that can help someone launch into their dream job or keep them in the same cubicle.

In this service, WraySol provides a mock interview based upon information provided by the client about the field or position they are looking to enter.

Feedback consists of a breakdown of tips and tricks in these situations. A rating is also provided that shows the likelihood the interviewer would offer a second interview/position. For a more in-depth package, a second interview is offered as well as ratings on individual competencies and factors employers utilize.

Interviews can be conducted locally (dependent upon area), phone, video conference, etc. A printed questionnaire (similar to an application) can be provided as well to consult upon your “paper interview”.

For an additional fee, a post-interview walk-through is offered. After the interview ends, where does the applicant go from here? How does one handle a second interview, phone call follow-up, salary negotiation, etc? Please note, the post-interview is a discussion, not a mock example.

For questions about this product, please contact us through our contact page.