Resume' & Cover Letters

Make a lasting impression from the moment someone sees your information.

An applicant’s first impression begins with the resume’ and cover letter. This allows an employer to get a glimpse of who you are and what you desire. A generic resume’ can be easily glossed over. The key is in finding a way to stand out on paper before the employer ever meets you.

At WraySol, we offer multiple services in regards to your resume’/curriculum vitae and/or cover letter.

The basic package consists of either critiquing the document(s) and providing tips or the construction of a new resume’ and/or cover letter. The critique option can be upgraded to a rewrite of the documents.

In a premium package, construction or rewriting is our starting point. From there, we identify key phrases for you to consider if your resume’ is granted a call from the business. Lastly, the resume’ is thoroughly examined for a rating on the resume’ based upon your desired position. From there, we provide additional tips and edits based upon these results.

Our key to find a balance in accurately representing your skills, education, and experience while also making you a standout.

With each of these products, both a resume’ and cover letter can be combined into a package at a discounted rate.

A new service provided is the resume’ review. In this product, your resume is shared with 2-4 business professionals. They will rate your resume and provide feedback to help you understand your current situation.

Let us help you find the position of your dreams! For more information on this service, please contact us below!