Non-Profit Solutions

Non-Profit organizations help the world be a better place.

In many non-profit groups, burn-out is a common enemy. From overworked volunteers to less attendance at events to falling profit margins, it is easy to become dis-heartened.

At the heart of WraySol is the desire to give back in our communities. Our founder, Caleb Wray, has devoted countless hours to local, state, national, and even global organizations. You can read more about him here.

This area is actually why WraySol started. Caleb wanted to share his knowledge and experience with those who could benefit from it. He has helped build local committees in a rebuilding phase from 7 members to over 30. He has helped to revitalize non-profit organizations and provide fundraiser planning and logistics to help grow margins. In the public library sector, he has trained librarians on how to interact with their funding bodies, how to grow involvement, and much more. To learn more about his credentials in your similar field, please contact us.

Please note: because this service is so varied, only three main areas are listed under this service. We are able to provide a wide-variety of assistance. To see how we are able to help your situation, please contact us.