Customer Service 101

Many times, the first impression your business gives is in the service you offer. How are you measuring in this area?

Customer service is one of the most important parts of business. You can have a fantastic product, but if the customer service is not genuine, customers will be negatively impacted.

As a part of this service, WraySol will evaluate the customer service your employees are giving to the consumer. Customer service consists not only of problem resolution, but involves every interaction between your business and the customer. It also includes the layout of your facility. Are the most popular items easily accessible?

This service includes an examination of current customer service (through customer surveys, onsite examination, mystery calls, etc.), a review of problem resolution policy, a review of new employee orientation, and tips on where to improve. Any portion of this service can be excluded by designating this in your quote request.

Additional services include a customer service training (can be bundled) for your management and/or employees, creation of new customer service policies, creation of customer service training for orientation, webinars for employees or managers to watch, and more. For more information on this service, please submit an inquiry through our contact page.