Event Management

“Events become feelings, feelings become events.” — Jerry Spinelli

As a non-profit, you will inevitably host an event. For many it will be a fundraiser that will vary in shape, size, and fashion. For others, your event may be an informational gathering where you are trying to share your group’s message. Most likely, your event will be an annual or even semi-annual occurrence.

Are people as engaged as last time? Are ticket sales dwindling? Is the buzz around town your event or the local sales paper?

At WraySol, let us help you plan a successful event. We will help tailor to-do lists, make recommendations based upon past results, help determine best ways of spreading the word, and more.

We at this time are unable to staff your event and handle each detail, but we are here to help you be successful. It’s your event about a cause special to you. Let us not take away from that but rather help you put forward the best event you can. For more information or to request a quote, please contact us.