Image Consultation

What does the average consumer think of your business?

Having the best product or price is not always the key to a successful business. Consumers are concerned with who is benefiting from their business.

What is an individual’s perception of your company? You may have hours invested in a business that is not succeeding because of one online review. The question is how do you overcome the inevitable negative remarks?

In the basic package, we evaluate on quick glance the view of the business. Our team will search for reviews, social media image, and then make a report based upon the findings. We will rate your business image and provide tips on how to improve or maintain your profile.

In an advanced package, an in-depth examination is done of your digital profile, community profile, and store profile. Not only do online reviews impact your business, but your interactions with customers inside the store and the community are pivotal to certain consumers.

Also available with either package is a prepared plan for improving the business image. This service is able to be tailored to each individual customer’s need. For additional information, questions, or to discuss your plan, please contact us or request a quote.